Granite Quarry, NC


(Incorporated 1901; Population 2,923)

Granite Quarry was once called "Woodside." Due to the numerous quarrying operations in the area, the town’s name was changed to Granite Quarry in 1905. Granite Quarry is known worldwide for the unique "pink" granite that is mined from the ground. The Action for Community Teamwork (ACT) Volunteer Committee in town has flourished with the hiring of a full-time coordinator to deal with town health and human services issues. Granite Quarry is also home to the Old Stone House which was built by Michael Braun in 1766 and is known as the oldest German house in North Carolina.

Town of Granite Quarry
143 North Salisbury Ave.
P.O. Box 351
Granite Quarry, N.C. 28072