About Us

RowanWORKS Economic Development (EDC) began as a non-profit organization in August of 1984, with the goal to improve the overall quality of life for residents in Rowan County and its 10 municipalities.


The EDC is responsible for addressing the comprehensive economic development goals of the region, and promoting a vital economy consistent with the preservation of desirable local characteristics. Since 2008, despite the recession, this organization has announced projects creating and retaining more than 3,000 jobs and investing $1.5 billion.



In addition to the active recruitment of new development, supporting and assisting existing businesses, and marketing our community regionally, RowanWORKS represents the county in various public policy matters, interfacing with regional, state, and federal leaders.

Services provided through the EDC:

  1.       In-depth profiles of communities and county information on population, labor force analysis, labor costs, taxes (state and local), utilities, support services, transportation, educational institutions and major manufacturers and additional information that would secure a successful location
  2.      Inventory of available industrial sites and buildings for evaluation
  3.     Maintains contact with local government and state agencies that may assist the community
  4.     Maintains strict confidentiality between the EDC and all prospective companies


The RowanWORKS Team

Darcey Collier, Public Relations and Communications Specialist

Darcey joined the RowanWORKS team in April of 2016. As our PR and
Communications Specialist, Darcey is responsible for the promotion
of RowanWORKS and our community through implemented internal
marketing and public relations strategies.

Ms. Collier develops targeted marketing campaigns to engage
community members, target audiences and stakeholders. Further,
she assists local organizations in the promotion of local programs and
community-wide events.
Additionally, Darcey is involved in website
management, social media presence, press releases, digital media
and event coordination.

Darcey achieved a BS in Communication at East Carolina University
in May 2015. She majored in Public Relations with a minor in Non-Profit.

PreviewBettina Dickert, Operations Manager

In her role as Operations Manager, Bettina is responsible for managing
all internal financial processes including bookkeeping, preparation of
financial reports, as well as developing, monitoring and administering
the organization's operational budget.

A 9-year employee of RowanWORKS, Mrs. Dickert is also responsible for
the coordination and recording of Board meetings, as well as directing
administrative staff andproviding assistance to the Executive Director.

She is a graduate of Rowan Cabarrus Community College and has
completed the Basic Economic Development Course (BEDC) through
the University of North Carolina.

Kendall Henderson, Director of Business Development

Joining the RowanWORKS team as the Director of Business Development
in January of 2017, Kendall is charged with identifying and attracting
new businesses to Rowan County, and facilitates the growth, retention
and expansion of existing companies.

oversees a strategic marketing campaign to directly target site
selectors, commercial real estate professionals, industrial brokers and
company leaders
. She is responsible for generating new leads, managing
relationships, engaging with local businesses, attending industry specific
conferences and hosting marketing events. 

Kendall was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida and received her
bachelor’s degree from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

PreviewScott Shelton, Interim Executive Director/Project Manager

Scott has been with RowanWORKS since 2009. As Project Manager,
Scott is responsible for the preparation and submittal of completed
RFIs for recruitment projects as well as maintaining the RowanWORKS
database of available sites. Mr. Shelton also guides available sites in
Rowan County through the process for North Carolina Site Certification.
In addition, he works with existing industries to provide information
and support as needed.

Scott received his bachelor's degree from Elon University and his
master's from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Vacant, Executive Director

The Executive Director's primary purpose is to facilitate the expansion and retention of existing
industry while aggressively recruiting new non-residential development. As part of these efforts,
RowanWORKS has reinvigorated a comprehensive business visitation program and established new lines of communications with the municipalities of Rowan County. 


The Board of Directors

The board is comprised of ten members who meet at 3:30pm on the second Thursday of every month.
Members are appointed to a three-year term. After one term is completed, the board member may be re-appointed to a second term, but can serve no more than six consecutive years.

Board membership consists of:

    Seven appointed members by the County Commision of Rowan County
    • Two appointed members by the City Council of the City of Salisbury
        • One appointed member by the governing bodies of the towns of Rowan County
        • The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce serves as an ex-officio member


Board of Directors

Steven Kidd, Chairman
Bryan Overcash, Vice Chairman
Dan Peters, Secretary
Matt Barr, Treasurer
Denise Hallet
Hayes Smith
Shawn Adelsberger
Dyke Messinger
Rick Hudson
Dari Caldwell
Tim Norris, Ex-officio



Salisbury-Rowan Economic Development Commission

204 East Innes Street, Suite 220 

Salisbury, NC 28144 

Phone: (704) 637-5526 

Fax: (704) 637-0173